Airport facilities

Industrial floor cleaner for airports

The future of autonomous cleaning

4 in 1
Industrial scrubber

Non-stop cleaning

High quality
Produced by the best

& Powerful

Enhance the passenger experience with Triooo

Cleansiness is one of the most important experiences an airport will want maintain day in and day out. The Triooo industrial scrubbing robot is capable of maintaining a clean environment almost endlessly.

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Offer a journey that is right from the start

From the moment a passenger walks through the door, to the moment they step foot on the plane, the Triooo industrial cleaning robot will ensure every passenger would’ve experienced a clean and purified environment.


The trusted autonomous cleaner that won’t let you down

Enhances the airport’s image

Continuously sanitizing the airport

Simple to use & safe

Scrubbing & mopping

Frees up workforce’s time

Runs 24/7 non-stop